10 Ways To Use A “Selfie” To Boom Your Business

Everyone seems to be talking about “selfies” these days, a word that simply means taking a photo of yourself using a mobile phone.

Selfies for business promotion
Selfies in space, the final frontier
Well, whether you do selfies or “somefies” (my own made up word meaning shooting someone else or others), the main thing to understand is that your smartphone is much more than just a device to use for phone calls, text messages and emails. We won’t touch on “selfie sticks” which are either viewed as life-saving devices, or thoroughly unwelcome safety hazards, depending on your viewpoint. So remember with all these tips, always practice…ahem…”safe selfies.”

That said, as you doubtless know a smartphone is a phone, computer, photo and video camera all rolled into one.  I wrote this article to give you some bright ideas on how you can use your phone to grow and protect your business by leveraging its simple-to-use but powerful features.

Specifically, I am going to give you 10 ways to do this either with photos or videos:

  1. News: This can include getting a new client, company wins and good news, welcoming new personnel on board, a holiday special you are running, etc. It can also be industry news such as you commenting on a breaking news story.
  2. Onsite: If you are a contractor on a job site use photos or video to blog about what you did for a client such as completing a new job or even how you did it.  The same goes for trade shows or related company events.
  3. Quality control: Video or photos can show your personnel what they did right on a job, and what needs to be corrected.
  4. Legal documentation: To protect your business from future legal action, to show that you complied with an agreement or even to show a client what an excellent job you did.
  5. Training videos: Except for live and in-person, there is no better way to train people than by video – and this is especially the case when they are remote.
  6. Public relations: Want more exposure on YouTube?  Then brand your own video series, like “Andy’s Corner” and build a following.
  7. Video FAQs: That answer common questions from client or prospects.
  8. Validating staff: When your people do well send them a quick video clip or selfie to let them know you appreciate their work.
  9. Sales: Video can be an extremely powerful sales tool. Want to set up a meeting with a prospect?  Try sending them a short video clip!
  10. Recruitment: Be creative here such as showing your team having fun and thereby making it easier for you to attract top talent.

We have incredible technology at our fingertips and with just a few creative ideas, we can unlock it and put it to work for our businesses.

Have you used mobile phone photos or video to creatively promote your business? Let us know in the comments!


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