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Google “Posts”


Google recently came out with a new feature for their business listings. It hasn’t been promoted widely even by Google. It has been a long standing feature that when you search for a business on Google, if they have an established website and internet presence, the search will pull up information about the business on … Read more

The Busy Executive’s Prescription for Writer’s Block

You may consider yourself a writer, maybe not. But sure as shooting, as a business owner or executive, there have been times you wanted to write a report or a proposal and you found yourself instead sitting at your computer or with your notepad, just staring into space. The words weren’t flowing. One doesn’t have … Read more

What if Google Maps Can’t Find Your Business?

Local search SEO is the most important type of SEO that can be done today.  Making sure your business can be found easily on mobile search apps such as Google Maps and Bing Maps is the biggest simple online action one can take to reach potential customers for your business. But unforeseen problems can sometimes … Read more

Google is Concerned About Your Reputation. Are you?

Recently, we perused a document that was purportedly leaked from Google and was making its rounds around internet marketing and SEO firms online. The 160-page document is a set of guidelines that Google apparently gives to people they hire to review their search engine results. Yes, apparently Google hires people to do various searches and … Read more

What Google Wants to See For Your Mobile-Friendly Website


We have touched several times on the need for a business to have a mobile friendly website, particularly since Google started a new search strategy on April 21st to rank such websites higher in mobile search results. Truth be told, the gab on the web so far is that not many webmasters have seen any real … Read more