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“Mobilegeddon” or Mobile Opportunity: Are you Ready for Tomorrow?

Yes, there is another potential catastrophic event about to occur in the Googlesphere.  But it is something you can take advantage of. Google announced that on April 21st lack of a mobile-friendly website will hurt Google announced back at the end of February that starting on April 21st “we will be expanding our use of … Read more

100 Years of Modern Public Relations

Somebody had to write this article.  So I did. Last month travelling through southern Colorado, heading up Denver way, I was amazed to come across a sign on the highway that I had never expected to see. I had never been that way before so I had no idea I might run across it. In … Read more

Website Traffic Got a Holding Penalty

One of our clients ran into a bad problem a week or so back that they didn’t even know about. So we wanted to share this information with the rest of our clients and others because it is something that might affect them and they would have no idea they were hurting themselves by doing it. … Read more

5 Public Relations Tips For Your Business Strategy

Public Relations tips

In the world of small business, the idea of using public relations to help reach business goals sometimes is not appreciated. One can have the frame of mind that if one delivers an excellent service or product, that that alone is good enough public relations – word of mouth by customers. And true, “word of … Read more

What is that Elephant Doing in Your Office?


As a business owner or manager, you undoubtedly have some interest and knowledge about the Internet and selling your services or products on it. You probably have a website and get some leads or sales from it. If you are very savvy or employ a firm that is, you probably do a lot of business … Read more