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Learn How to Win the Game of Local Search

How to win at local search

Article # 2 in The Rules of Marketing Series The rules have changed and the challenge is greater—but so are the rewards… Remember when a “local directory” was just the Yellow Pages? No, not – I mean the actual book. You know – real paper, heavy as a sack of bricks, thrown down on … Read more

Mobile Responsive Websites: How They Can Increase Leads By 176%

Mobile marketing trends

UPDATE: This post was originally written in 2013, but the latest news from Google makes mobile websites more vital today and in the future. Google has announced that starting April 21, 2015, new mobile friendly search rules will start rolling out. If a website is mobile-friendly, it will appear higher in mobile searches. Wondering if … Read more

Big Dream Documentary Film Screening at SXSWEdu

I had the pleasure today of attending the SXSWedu screening of the inspiring film Big Dream, a documentary that tells the intimate stories of seven young women who are breaking barriers as they follow their passion in science, technology, engineering, and math—the acronymically named STEM fields. Being a technology company, we were extremely proud to be … Read more

How The Super Bowl Ended with a Marketing Lesson


Even if you don’t follow football, you likely heard about or saw the incredible ending to this year’s Super Bowl. Some businessmen and marketers proclaimed the final offensive play by Seattle a “calculated gamble” by a coach known to roll the dice. But it wasn’t a gamble. It was walking away from the poker table with … Read more

Is Your Website Secure? Does It Need To Be?

Is Your Website Secure blog image

The answers to both of those questions has changed Earlier this year, Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, suggested that a secure, encrypted site was an important consideration for website owners in 2014. A secure site, if you are uncertain on that, means that the owner of the website is verified and the information given … Read more