The Basics on Getting That “Word” Out About Your Business

Are you getting the “word” out to your audience? And, more importantly are you getting results from getting the “word” out? Just what is the “word” that is getting out, anyway?

The key to generating the “more” factor for your business – more leads, more business, more revenues – by getting the “word” out is to know exactly who your audience is and how to connect with that audience.

You are dead in the water if you are in the dark about your target market. Assuming you understand your market and its characteristics, you can go to work on a few simple inexpensive actions that will build and help sustain your business.

What “word” describes your reputation?
The word that gets out on the street had better be that you are “likeable”. Yes, after all, your customers and clients had better like you and your product or service.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you known as trustworthy & friendly?
  • Do you stand behind your product?
  • Do you give excellent customer service?
  • Are you personal in your approach?
  • Are you responsive to customer feedback?
  • Do you ask for a referral from a satisfied customer?

If you can answer “yes” to them all, then you are on the road to getting results from the “word” that is getting out about your company by turning your customers into referral partners.

What type of activities are likely to spread by “word” of mouth
Ask yourself these questions: (these are only a few possibilities)

  • Do you hold webinars or seminars on educational topics?
  • Do you attend networking events?
  • Do you give your product or service away?(either as a door prize or in a limited time only campaign)
  • Are you volunteering for a non-profit board or activity?
  • Can you sponsor an event that supports a charity or good cause?
  • Do you send out press releases when you do any of the above?

If you are doing any of the above, you can create an inexpensive word of mouth campaign for yourself to help your “likeability” quotient and promote yourself at the same time to create a reputation.

Watch for more simple and inexpensive Target Public Marketing Tips in the weeks and months to come! If you are struggling to find your target market, reach your target market or create your compelling message to your target market, give TPM a call or send an email to begin that journey to marketing certainty!

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