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Enemy at the Gate: Is Your Website Killing Your Hiring Process?

Website messing up hiring process

It is a valid question. After all, today’s recruits are technologically savvy. They’ve been using laptops since elementary school and are active on social media, to say the least. So they have certain expectations. And in a candidate-driven market where top personnel are scarce and hard to find, in many cases they call the shots. … Read more

Learn How to Win the Game of Local Search

How to win at local search

Article # 2 in The Rules of Marketing Series The rules have changed and the challenge is greater—but so are the rewards… Remember when a “local directory” was just the Yellow Pages? No, not – I mean the actual book. You know – real paper, heavy as a sack of bricks, thrown down on … Read more

10 Ways To Use A “Selfie” To Boom Your Business

Everyone seems to be talking about “selfies” these days, a word that simply means taking a photo of yourself using a mobile phone. Well, whether you do selfies or “somefies” (my own made up word meaning shooting someone else or others), the main thing to understand is that your smartphone is much more than just … Read more

The Busy Executive’s Prescription for Writer’s Block

You may consider yourself a writer, maybe not. But sure as shooting, as a business owner or executive, there have been times you wanted to write a report or a proposal and you found yourself instead sitting at your computer or with your notepad, just staring into space. The words weren’t flowing. One doesn’t have … Read more

Thinking Outside The Box

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” George S. Patton Ancient Sparta had two kings. If one fell in battle or became incapacitated, the country would never be without a ruler. This made Sparta tremendously stable and absolutely confident in times of war. Ingenious. This one idea was so simple and solved so much, but was … Read more