“What did YOU Fail at Today?”

Success or failure in business marketingWhat does this have to do with marketing? Hold your horses and you’ll find out.

I was watching an interview this morning with the inventor/founder of Spanx. This is the story of a young woman that had an idea, and with $5,000 in her pocket she has turned it into a multi-million dollar global company.

When asked what she thinks kept her from becoming disillusioned what shocked me was this, “When my brother and I were young, every day when our dad came home he would asked what we failed at today. If we had failed at something we got a high five, but if we didn’t fail at something he was disappointed.”

Why was he disappointed? Because it meant we hadn’t tried to do something.

In marketing it can be much the same thing. It’s fluid. You have to be able to keep your goals front and center and do a little experimenting. The basics we know. Business cards, a good website and SEO, but what about the rest of it?

There is a lot of noise out there and it can be overwhelming when you are also trying to run a business. That’s where we come in. We make sure you have the basics in place that are proven to be effective. We then add actions geared to increase your traffic and leads.

This mix is different from client to client. Every business is unique.

Once those basics are in place we constantly analyze what is getting results…or not. What do we need to do differently? We don’t give up, we just take a good hard look at what is working and strengthen that and change what isn’t working. And you know what? It works!


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