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Get Your Message Out to the Public:
Here’s 7 Powerful, Yet Simple Tips to Enhance Your Web Writing Style!

I asked our top writer to come up with some comments on writing for the web.  She went beyond the call of duty and provided a number of tips that anyone can use to spruce up their online materials to reach their intended audience.  Here is what she had to say.

Get your message out to the publicKeeping your business website up to date is a crucial part of any successful Internet marketing campaign. But in an age where consumers are being barraged by textual information on a daily basis, it takes an understanding of what – and how – consumers read to write articles and web pages that get a share of their shrinking attention span.

Here are seven sure-fire ways to help you produce written content that potential clients will remember.

  1. Craft headlines that sizzle
    Grab your readers’ attention with dynamic but informative titles and subheadings.
  2. Keep it short
    When you write, use short paragraphs. Large blocks of text can look like walls and create barriers between you and your audience. Also consider using bulleted lists that highlight key points.
  3. Create bold lead-ins
    Your first paragraph is the most important one. It should be brief, clear and to the point to engage your reader.
  4. Make it personal
    Address your audience as you would a friend. People surfing for information about the services you provide love reading about things that connect with their lives in fun, useful and interesting ways.
  5. Use boldface and italics strategically
    As a general rule, bold should be used for headings and italics sparingly for any internal emphasis. Too much bold and/or italic makes text harder to read.
  6. Cut with no mercy
    Look at your article or web page and eliminate all filler. Focus on communicating only what is absolutely essential to your audience.
  7. Keep it typo-free
    Spelling errors will undermine your credibility and send readers away from your pages. Proofread everything before you post it to the web.

Providing powerful and effective written communication that gets you noticed is just one of the services we offer at Target Public Marketing LLC. When you need the expertise of people who understand the profitable impact words can have on your business, contact us!

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