About Target Public Marketing

Everything we are is embodied in our name. According to The New Oxford American Dictionary, a “target” is “an objective or result toward which efforts are directed”. A “public” is an audience, and “marketing” means to promote products or services that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

That’s what Target Public Marketing is all about. We target the right public with the right message about your product or service to grow your revenues. That is our core function, and it imbues everything we do.

We are not an “tech company that thinks they know something about marketing”. We are marketing experts trained in and highly experienced in all things marketing. We conduct detailed research of your company’s brand, product, service, competition, PR, and positioning. We develop a marketing strategy that includes web design, targeted content (articles, video), email marketing, and social media (appropriate to your business) to drive growth.

We are a marketing agency that utilizes digital technologies to achieve our core function. We do this through our proprietary methodology, developed and proven through constant use since 2002, enhanced by current state-of-the-art and emerging digital technologies.

When the digital age arrived, we were among the first to leverage what was then “new technology”, starting with Google and expanding to YouTube and other media outlets. Our intense interest in and use of the latest internet marketing technologies and trends allows us to achieve consistent growth through the use of Machine Intelligent Audience TechnologyTM to maximize ROI for our clients.

With offices the United States and Canada, we’re big enough to handle worldwide accounts but attentive enough to give you one-on-one service. Whether we’re handling a million dollar marketing campaign or simply building a small business website, we know that personal relationships matter most. That’s why our company policy is the every single customer has to be able to reach out to us directly. Clients have our cell phone numbers. All of them.

Contact us, and let’s talk about how we can develop a multi-faceted action plan for you, a campaign that will put you front and centre of your target public and keep you there.

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