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Email remains one of the most vital and effective means of marketing communication today.

It’s simple to see why. We all have an email address (or several) and check them regularly. It is entrenched in our lives as a vital means of getting information.

Therefore it is a direct line to customers that offers your business unique opportunities—if it is done correctly.

You need to stand out to customers without stepping on their toes. People are inundated with unsolicited offers which, to add insult to injury, are poorly written and usually lack communication and marketing basics.

Crafting intelligent, attractive and acceptable promotional emails for your customers can reap tremendous rewards.

Our Process

Local search questionnaire


We find out the basics we need to start working on your email campaigns, such as how many emails you currently send, what style, content and to what lists of customers (if you don’t have email lists, go directly to the red button below!).

Email strategy


We work out an message strategy for you. Sending out emails is great. Sending them out haphazardly won’t do you or your customers any good. We work out the messages, the look and all the details needed to get you results.

Email setup


We start creating an email campaign, which can include anything and everything from crafting an offer to your existing and potential customers, to setting up key email delivery systems for you.

Email send and monitor

Send / Monitor

We launch the campaign and keep it running. We monitor the results — open rates and click rates — and generally keep our finger on the pulse of your essential, and improved, communication system.

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