Lead Generation

Lead generation marketing

We are Certified Adwords Specialists. But we’re not limited to one platform. We use what works.

We’ve set up lead generation systems using LinkedIn, Facebook and direct mail. Regardless of what is used, we research, test and monitor it after launch to make sure it gets results.

We set up attractive and effective “landing pages” — customized pages that have a specific offer to your potential customers.

We track how many people arrive and how many contact your business and request your product or service. This is “conversion rate.” Here’s a real-world example: We set up a new Google Adwords campaign for a mechanic in the Dallas area. Our Adwords specialist worked out the precise phrases and search terms (called “keywords”) that people were using to find services our client offers. Meanwhile, our landing page writers and technical wizards put together a compelling landing page.

The result? Conversation rates that are twice the average conversion rate.

Another recent client was paying thousands in ineffective advertising fees. We cut the budget by nearly two-thirds, while increasing the customer response.

If you’re looking for actions that generate visits and, most importantly, actual business leads — look no further.

Our Process

Lead generation strategy


An interview with you to determine your goals, budget and specific services and products needing promotion. We work out an offer, a “lead magnet”, that will get customers to reach out to you.

Landing page mockups


We create your lead generation marketing materials. This includes the landing page, where visitors will be directed, and all content, photos and graphics needed to create a compelling sales offer.

Bright side lander ipad mockup


We set up the promotional channel for your specific campaign. Whether that is Adwords, social ads, a print campaign or a combination. The detailed research and our experience takes effect here.

Lead generation monitoring

Manage and Optimize

We launch the promotion and then closely monitor the results. Campaigns are tweaked to improve response and customer acquisition.

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