New Patient Power Booster

Uncover a Hidden Goldmine of New Patients

  • Generate a steady stream of new, qualified patients
  • Continuously expand your practice
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Get more time off with your family
  • Truly thrive as a health care professional

New patients…patients that recognize quality care…patients who can afford treatment and understand its value….

New patients are a constant concern, aren’t they?

When you have them, all is well. When you don’t, it puts a strain on both you and your practice.

Target Public Marketing developed the New Patient Power Booster service to transform your new patient acquisition.

A Unique and Effective Service

The New Patient Power Booster utilizes our proprietary “Comp-6” methodology to identify the key ways your practice is actually losing new patients.

That’s right—every practice we see is actually losing new patients every day and doesn’t realize it. And because the doctor’s time is consumed by patient care, he has no idea it’s happening.

Using Comp-6, we examine, test, and evaluate the primary ways that prospective patients:

  • discover your practice
  • learn about your practice
  • contact your practice

If they can’t do one or more of these, they will never arrive at your door. They go somewhere else. They’re lost.

Our proprietary system shows you exactly where your practice is losing new patients every day, and it’s completely tailored to you. Not one-size-fits-all, it’s 100% unique for each practice.

The New Patient Power Booster includes:

  • Comprehensive 93-point investigation and evaluation
  • One-on-one consultation with a Target Public Marketing New Patient Power Booster specialist, so we can understand your specific situation and goals
  • In-depth written report of New Patient Power Booster findings—identifies the roadblocks
  • Corrective action report with step-by-step directions to remove the blocks and open up new streams of business

New Patient Power Booster is a precise action that isolates the exact problems so you only fix what needs fixing.

Easy, Fast, and 100% Guaranteed

It’s easy to sign up. All you have to do click below and provide your practice’s contact information, then answer a few questions. With that, Target Public Marketing can begin your New Patient Power Booster.

In just a week or so, you will have your results and will know exactly what you should be doing to generate more new patients for your particular practice.

However, the best part of this offer is that it’s 100% risk free. We’re so confident in our Comp-6 methodology and the New Patient Power Booster service that we give you a money-back guarantee: within 30 days of completion, if you’re not totally satisfied, we will refund the entire fee, no questions asked!

One Fee = Unlimited New Patients

We usually charge $499 for the New Patient Power Booster. Even if you only get one additional new patient, you would make your money back and then some. However, because the New Patient Power Booster finds entire streams of new patients your practice is losing out on, the return on investment is fantastic.

You’re probably thinking: “How can you afford to do it so inexpensively?” The answer is that we’ve been providing this kind of service for a long time. It’s technical work and can be difficult and tedious. But we’ve got it down to a science.

However, it gets better. For the next 30 days we’re offering the New Patient Power Booster service for half its normal cost—just $249!

Anyone who signs up now will get it for half price—and they still get our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If they’re not happy for any reason, they get their money back no questions asked!

In just a week or so, you will know exactly what to do to open up new streams of qualified new patients for your practice.

So don’t wait. Click the button below and start getting more new patients.

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