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  • Everything is included: proprietary technology, special web page branded to you, etc…

  • You control the amount of new contacts you get daily, so don’t worry about the flow…

  • This is not a mass email program!  It is highly targeted with precise messaging…
  • Even if you do marketing regularly, you have never had a service anything like this!

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"TPM created a number of high-value assets for us including websites, videos and other marketing collateral that has placed us firmly in the top echelon of firms in our industry. Based on this successful experience, we recently tasked TPM with yet another campaign, this time to help us establish an international presence to open more offices around the world. I am definitely looking forward to our future together."
Target Public Marketing review by Business Valuation Center
Ron Everett, Managing Partner
Business Valuation Center
"Bingo! That was my reaction…They nailed it, and created a major upgrade to our previous website with local search optimization, website content and a modern, high-tech design we wanted. We are extremely excited with our new Internet presence!”
Target Public Marketing review by C&W Appliance Service
Dave Thompson, CEO
C&W Appliance Service
"TPM branded our firm and built an elegant website that forwards our brand. In the ensuing months they made it possible for us to grow our site to 285 pages, with updates every week to include key industry news. These updates have helped boost our web traffic by several hundred percent and generated new business opportunities for us."
Target Public Marketing review by Thompson & Associates
Catherine Hamrick, Executive Director
Thompson & Associates
"When we first contracted TPM, they were amazingly helpful in educating us about website design, navigation and the content needed to make it a robust page for our members. The staffs at TPM are top notch, very personable and very honest! I love working with them. They are very much our partner in our success and I appreciate every person I have the great fortune in working with."
Target Public Marketing review by IAMCP
Kate Chan, Co-Founder
Women in Technology
"We wanted to write a note of appreciation to Target Public Marketing for a job well done. We had a short timeline to work with to have website up and operational and Target worked with our budget and timeline to do exactly as promised. We have and will continue to recommend our friends to Target Public Marketing."
Jeff Biggs, CEO
“Simply brilliant. Truly amazing. We are very happy with the work you are doing for us. For the first time I am proud of our website!”
Target Public Marketing review by Formadrain
Carl Marc-Aurele Engineer
Formadrain, Inc.
“They went above and beyond our agreement. In addition to the new web site, they updated our logo, which had come to look dated, so that it is now modern and beautiful. The group is knowledgeable and competent.”
Target Public Marketing review by Oak Crest Private School
Hildegard Jessup, Owner
Oak Crest Private School

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