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Learn How to Win the Game of Local Search

How to win at local search

Article # 2 in The Rules of Marketing Series The rules have changed and the challenge is greater—but so are the rewards… Remember when a “local directory” was just the Yellow Pages? No, not – I mean the actual book. You know – real paper, heavy as a sack of bricks, thrown down on … Read more

What if Google Maps Can’t Find Your Business?

Local search SEO is the most important type of SEO that can be done today.  Making sure your business can be found easily on mobile search apps such as Google Maps and Bing Maps is the biggest simple online action one can take to reach potential customers for your business. But unforeseen problems can sometimes … Read more

Is Your Website Secure? Does It Need To Be?

Is Your Website Secure blog image

The answers to both of those questions has changed Earlier this year, Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, suggested that a secure, encrypted site was an important consideration for website owners in 2014. A secure site, if you are uncertain on that, means that the owner of the website is verified and the information given … Read more

Website Traffic Got a Holding Penalty

One of our clients ran into a bad problem a week or so back that they didn’t even know about. So we wanted to share this information with the rest of our clients and others because it is something that might affect them and they would have no idea they were hurting themselves by doing it. … Read more

Need For Speed! Website Loading Times and Your Customers

Business must move fast to stay alive and flourish, but apparently some companies and website developers think that “Speed Kills.” On the “Information Superhighway” speed is akin to prompt customer service, and if your website is slow, your potential customers are waiting…waiting…WAITI…oh, look at that, they got sick of it and just left. The result? … Read more