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Did You Say Search Engine Optimization?

The “search engine game” is a multi-billion dollar industry on which the fate of many businesses seem to rest The last article I wrote gave some of the awesome statistics associated with size of the Internet and the number of searches that are conducted both in the United States and worldwide. And I focused on … Read more

Round and Round with Google’s “Carousel”

google carousel dallas restaurant

What’s good and what to watch out for to take advantage of this new feature! Google came out with yet another new local search tool in February that is causing some uproar. It’s called “Carousel” because, well, it looks like a carousel. I’m going to discuss the Good, Bad and Ugly. First let me explain … Read more

What is that Elephant Doing in Your Office?


As a business owner or manager, you undoubtedly have some interest and knowledge about the Internet and selling your services or products on it. You probably have a website and get some leads or sales from it. If you are very savvy or employ a firm that is, you probably do a lot of business … Read more