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"We wanted to write a note of appreciation to Target Public Marketing for a job well done.

"We had a short timeline to work with to have website up and operational and Target worked with our budget and timeline to do exactly as promised.

"Our website was up and running by promised date and for amount quoted! We are very satisfied customer and would highly recommend Target's services to anyone in need of them.

"We have and will continue to recommend our friends to Target Public Marketing."

jeff brigss

Jeff Biggs, CEO

"The staff at Target Public Marketing are wonderful to work with. They have a very streamlined way of gathering all the information needed to create your website.

"They really cared about my business and my goals to reach local clients.

"My new website is optimized in every way, and I love the end result.

I highly recommend Target Public Marketing for your website, SEO and local search needs!"

Camille Cain Barnes

Camille Cain Barnes,
CEO, CCB-Events

"Working with the team at Target Public Marketing was one of the best decisions we made at HPD Architecture.

"They were able to bring our web site to a new level and continually worked with us to make sure we had a presence on the web. They provided a constant reminder to create fresh content and often helped with writing blog posts as well as announcing to our social media audience when new content and events were posted. Their local representative brought all of those components together, assist us with next steps, and look at our analytics to assist us in making the right decision with both the website and social media was critical to our success.

"Working with them was a pleasure, and even as a past owner, I will continue to value the input they offered during my tenure at HPD."

Target Public Marketing review by HPD Architecture

Lawrance Paschall, Architect

"It has been a joy to work with Target Public Marketing regarding website creation and publications. The staff is extremely professional and creative.

"As Public Relations Director for Harlingen Family Dentistry, I particularly appreciate their timely articles, educational and helpful hints on promotion."

Target Public Marketing review by Harlingen Family Dentistry

Gail Thomason
Public Relations

Harlingen Family Dentistry

“Simply brilliant. Truly amazing. We are very happy with the work you are doing for us. For the first time I am proud of our website!”

Target Public Marketing review by Formadrain

Carl Marc-Aurele

Formadrain, Inc.

“We had been working with Target Public Marketing on another website of ours. But then our main website crashed. We needed help fast! We contacted them and they instantly went into action. They took over the site, put up an “under maintenance” page so visitors could at least call our office. Then, in just two days, they built a brand new, customized website with all of our rental properties listed. Amazing! The site was FAR better than the one we had previously!

“We can’t thank them enough for their fast action, professionalism and perfect solution. It got us back in business when we needed it.”

Target Public Marketing review by Boswell Rentals

Amy Beck
Executive Assistant

Boswell Rentals

"Bingo! That was my reaction when I saw the website that Target Public Marketing designed and built for us. They nailed it, and created a major upgrade to our previous website with local search optimization, website content and a modern, high-tech design we wanted.

"We are extremely excited with our new Internet presence! We'd recommend Target Public Marketing to other local businesses."

Target Public Marketing review by C&W Appliance Service

Dave Thompson

C&W Appliance Service

"TPM branded our firm and built an elegant website that forwards our brand. In the ensuing months they made it possible for us to grow our site to 285 pages, with updates every week to include key industry news. These updates have helped boost our web traffic by several hundred percent, and generated new business opportunities for us."

Target Public Marketing review by Thompson & Associates

Catherine Hamrick
Executive Director

Thompson & Associates, PLLC

“Target Public Marketing has helped our school over a number of years. They have helped to make our web site appear readily in organic searches, and when we recently hired them to update our web site, they went above and beyond our agreement. In addition to the new web site, they updated our logo, which had come to look dated, so that it is now modern and beautiful. The group is knowledgeable and competent.”

Target Public Marketing review by Oak Crest Private School

Hildegard Jessup
Head of School

Oak Crest Private School

"We were unhappy with the previous service provided. Felt like a small fish in a big pond. So far calls have increased and visibility on search engines are better. What we enjoy most is the attention to detail and customization to our needs of the business. We would recommend Target Public Marketing services to other plumbers."

Target Public Marketing review by North Brothers Plumbing

Jay North

North Brothers Plumbing & Rooter

"Target Public Marketing has done an outstanding job with our website which promotes free services at the Harlingen Outreach Center. They have been instrumental in assisting us with promoting our programs and activities that we provide to our at risk youths.

"If it was not for this website we would not be able to promote the awesome work our staff and service providers do on a daily basis. We truly appreciate their service and professionalism."

Target Public Marketing review by City of Oshawa

Annie Romero
Specialized Field Supervisor

Harlingen Outreach Center

“The Downtown Oshawa BIA (Business Improvement Area) had been searching for someone to help us create and update a website for one of our signature events.

"Within 12 hours of receiving the content, Target Public Marketing not only had created and updated the website, but they also were providing additional suggestions to enhance the site.

"Even after the site was up and running, the staff would periodically contact us to ensure that the site was meeting our needs and to check to see if we needed additional information added.

"Every person we have had direct contact with at Target Public Marketing have been professional and very efficient, always focusing on what is best for us.”

Target Public Marketing review - Oshawa Business

Angela Mittoni
Downtown Oshawa Board of Management

"When IAMCP-WIT first contracted TPM, they were amazingly helpful in educating us about website design, navigation and the content needed to make it a robust page for our members.

"The staffs at TPM are top notch, very personable and very honest! I love working with them. They are very much our partner in our success and I appreciate every person I have the great fortune in working with."

Target Public Marketing review by IAMCP

Kate Chan

International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners,
Women in Technology Chapter

"TPM created a number of high-value assets for us including websites, videos and other marketing collateral that has placed us firmly in the top echelon of firms in our industry.

"Based on this successful experience, we recently tasked TPM with yet another campaign, this time to help us establish an international presence to open more offices around the world. I am definitely looking forward to our future together."

Target Public Marketing review by Business Valuation Center

Ron Everett
Managing Partner

Business Valuation Center

"Our relationship with Target Public Marketing goes back to 2012. We have been satisfied and have referred clients to them. They have helped us successfully re-brand our company, launched a new website, as well as public relations.

"We prefer working with them because they are always available, and we often call them to assist us with live events - such as seminars that we put on. They have also assisted us with writing speeches for public functions, nationally distributed news releases and generating new business."

Target Public Marketing review by Bey & Associates, CPAs

Kim Bey

Bey & Associates, CPAs

"Thank you for the excellent work. I was impressed by the care and attention that your team took to make sure the website product was a work of art."


Imre Szombathy

Cody Builders Supply

"I have worked with Target Public Marketing for several years now and have been very happy with all they have provided. I have gotten FAST response and my needs have been promptly responded to. I look forward to continuing working with them in the future. I give Target Public Marking two thumbs up....Keep up the good work guys!"

Target Public Marketing review by Lone Star Storage

Martha Infante
Office Manager

Lone Star Self Storage

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