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What Google Wants to See For Your Mobile-Friendly Website

We have touched several times on the need for a business to have a mobile friendly website, particularly since Google started a new search strategy on April 21st to rank such websites higher in mobile search results.

Truth be told, the gab on the web so far is that not many webmasters have seen any real change despite the fact that a Google representative said on Friday that the update has now fully rolled out. It is still best for the user to access a mobile responsive website and, as mobile traffic is climbing, ultimately this is what this is all about. .

This past week in their official blog, Google posted some tips for businesses and webmasters about their #mobilemadness campaign.  So we are republishing those that aren’t too technical so you get it from the horse’s mouth:

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Maximize your online strategy & search performance

In this presentation, learn to create an online strategy for your business, measure your search performance, and choose the right partner to design and manage your mobile website.

The 3 topics are:
1. Choosing the right online channel
2. Webmaster Tools
3. SEO as a long term strategy

Basics of a mobile website for small and medium businesses

If you own a small business, this series of short videos will show you how easy it can be to make your web pages mobile-friendly. The 4-part series include:

1. Learn the tools: PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile-Usability
2. Bring it in: Viewports, zoom and plugins
3. Focus on the user: Tap targets, margins and font sizes
4. Set it right: Redirects and canonicals

Q&A session

Here are answers to questions you asked about the mobile-friendly ranking change. Check the comments section here for answers to questions we weren’t able to get to during the live event.

Results from audience polls

Thousands of people participated in the 3 polls below. What are your thoughts on the results—surprising or predictable?

What device are you using to read this post?
Of 871 responses, desktop/laptop and mobile phone usage only differed by 28 votes. View on Google+ and Twitter.
What do you dislike the most when browsing the web on your mobile device?
Almost half of 570 respondents said their top frustration was waiting for slow pages to load. View on Google+ and Twitter.
What’s the hardest part about having a mobile-friendly site?
More than half of 490 respondents said it’s not hard to have a mobile-friendly site. However, 1 in 5 said it’s technically challenging. View on Google+ and Twitter.

Mobile-friendly tips

These tips highlight specific resources to help you go mobile-friendly.

View the entire #mobilefriendly collection here.


Mobile-friendly one-sheeter

Download the one-sheeter so you can access and share these 5 steps to mobile-friendliness on-the-go.